'The Masked Singer': Explaining the Cluedle-Doo Twist

The Masked Singer Season 5 has musical numbers from masked celebrities on deck but these new [...]

The Masked Singer Season 5 has musical numbers from masked celebrities on deck but these new episodes are also offering up a big twist. The fifth season's big twist revolves around the mysterious "Cluedle-Doo," a rooster/chicken character. It serves as the show's first "clue-meister, but, who exactly is Cluedle-Doo? (Note that you can watch The Masked Singer live each week via Fubo TV.)

According to The Wrap, Cluedle-Doo, who sports a chicken costume, is not an actual contestant on The Masked Singer. However, they will be making regular appearances on the show in order to share new clues about the masked celebrities, including ones that you may have missed on your first watch. Like the contestants, Cluedle-Doo will be unmasked at some point later on in the season. The Fox series has already introduced viewers to two sets of competitors with Groups A and B.

Group A took to the stage during the premiere, which aired on March 10. By the end of the episode, the Snail was eliminated. In one of the most shocking reveals in Masked Singer history, they were revealed to have been Kermit the Frog. Interestingly enough, the Muppet had quite a bit to say following his elimination during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. He told the publication that he's been in the spotlight for some time and that The Masked Singer presented him with a new challenge that he was excited about taking on.

"I've done movies, television and a lot of things in my career, but as hard as it is to believe I had never gotten inside a snail costume and tried to fool judges on Masked Singer," Kermit said when asked why he wanted to do the show. "So, when this opportunity came up, I leaped at the chance. Never let it be said that this frog shirked a challenge….or is it "challenged a shirk?" In any case, that's how it happened." One week after Group A took to the stage, it was Group B's turn. On Wednesday night's episode, Piglet, Phoenix, Grandpa Monster, Black Swan, and Chameleon gave it their all.

After all of the singers performed, guest host Niecy Nash revealed that Phoenix would be getting the boot. The judges then gave their final guesses behind their identity and they subsequently removed their mask to reveal that they were Caitlyn Jenner. The reality star explained that she wanted to try her hand at The Masked Singer because she loves a challenge. The episode ended with Jenner performing an encore of "Tik Tok" by Kesha, which she sang earlier during the night.

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