'The Bachelor' Alum Ashley Iaconetti Reveals Pregnancy, First Child With Jared Haibon

The Bachelor family keeps growing! Bachelor in Paradise alumni Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon announced they are expecting their first child together. Iaconnetti joined The Bachelor franchise during Chris Soules' season in 2015 and started dating Haibon in 2018. Haibon appeared in The Bachelorette Season 11, which featured Kaitlyn Bristowe. Haibon and Iaconetti married in August 2019.

Haibon, 32, and Iaconetti, 33, shared the happy news during an Amazon Live event on Thursday, reports E! News. "I'm pregnant!" Iaconnetti said before kissing Haibon. She said she recently began experiencing morning sickness, so this was the first time they kissed in a while.

The couple's journey to this moment was not an easy one. In May, Iaconetti revealed to fans that they had been trying to conceive for six months. "A couple months ago, I was saying I would start feeling worried if I wasn't pregnant by June," Iaconetti wrote on May 24. "This month was annoying because I ovulated five days earlier than expected and we pretty much missed my fertile window. I haven't had an irregular month in YEARS. I don't know whether it was the stress of moving into our apartment or what. I was able to prove I ovulated early thanks to tracking my basal body temperature with [natural cycles] and [proovtest]."

Iaconetti went on to predict there was a "slim chance" she would find out she is pregnant in June after seeing her OB/GYN a few weeks before. Haibon was also planning to take a sperm analysis so they could "rule that out as a possible issue." At the end of her caption, Iaconetti wrote that they did not feel they were "struggling" to conceive because that description should be reserved for couples who have been trying for a year. "I don't regret at all being open about it," she wrote. "I love the dialogue it's created with some of my followers and I think it's important to normalize that a lot of people don't get pregnant right away."


In February, Haibon said the two were in the "trying" phase on the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast. "We're gonna try and let the chips fall where they may. Because, you know, we've been told it could — who knows how long it could take," he said at the time, notes PEOPLE. He also said it didn't matter if they had a boy or a girl first. "I'd love to have both a boy and a girl. Now having a girl dog [named Lois] — this is weird — but, like, now I really want a girl because having a girl dog, she's so dainty and delicate," he said. "It's like Daddy's little girl, and I'm like I kinda want this in a human now."