'Temptation Island': Watch the Couples' Final Toast Before Splitting up to Test Their Love in Special Sneak Peek

It's time for the couples of Temptation Island to see if their love is the real deal! Ahead of Thursday's Season 2 premiere, PopCulture.com has a special preview of one of the last moments the four couples questioning their futures together will spend together before splitting up for a month to date the 24 singles coming into the villas.

Preparing couples Ashley Howland and Casey Starkchak, Ashley Goldson and Rick Fleur, Kate Griffith and David Benavidez, and Esonica Veira and Gavin Rocker for the tough rough ahead, host Mark L. Wahlberg raises an ominous toast for the nervous-looking pairs.

"So, you all came to the island because you're at a crossroads," Wahlberg tells them. "So, you have serious questions about your relationships, and in order to find the answers to those questions, you've embarked on this journey where you're gonna date other people."

He continued, "Now, allowing your partner to be single again while you're here may help both of you figure out if they're the one, right? The single men and women that you'll meet on the island are here because they're looking for love. Some of them may have the qualities that you are looking for that you say your partner doesn't have."

That struck Fleur particularly, who lets out a "Yikes."

With that ruminating in their heads, Wahlberg toasts, "Here's to you and the possibility that you leave this island with all the answers you came here to find. Cheers."

Showing the men and woman to the stunning island villas they'll live in side-by-side with the singles for the next month, everyone is feeling a mixture of nerves and anticipation.

"I'm nervous and excited," Rocker tells the camera. "I love Esonica. I honestly can't really imagine life without her. We're hopeful though, we're still gonna be together, right?"

Veira is a little less sure, however, saying to the audience, "It's on, the game is on, and I'm scared, anxious, excited, and scared again."

"Seeing the house for the first time knowing I'm gonna live here for a month without him doesn't seem real yet," Griffith notes. "And it definitely doesn't seem real that there are 12 singles that are coming."

Will the couples become more secure in their love for one another? Or will they find connection with the singles?


Temptation Island Season 2 premiers Thursday, Oct. 10 at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.

Photo credit: USA Network