'Temptation Island': Shari Claims She's 'Done' With Javen After Seeing Incriminating Video

The couples on Temptation Island have only been away from their significant others for just a short period of time, but already Shari Ligons is declaring herself "done" with high school sweetheart Javen Butler.

On Tuesday's all-new episode of the USA reality show, the now separated couples were in for it as they were each tasked with choosing the single of the opposite sex they wanted to go on a date with...as their significant other looked on.

"The last time I went on a first date was weight years ago so it's a lot for me to take in," Shari, who chose James for her mostly-silent date, told the camera. "It's definitely an awkward situation for me compared to the other girls."

Javen, meanwhile, was having a great time on his first date, saying it felt "scary" to open up to a woman not his longtime girlfriend so quickly.

Later, after a few drinks, Javen was admittedly struggling to keep his distance from a flirty Katheryn, who bluntly told him she was attracted to him and interested in being more than friends.

It's unclear if anything went down between the two, but during the bonfire ceremony in which those spoken-for are shown selected video footage of their significant others' interaction with the singles, Javen was shown telling the camera, "It just happened, I've been drinking."

For Shari, who has dealt with infidelity from Javen in the past, it was enough for her to call their relationship off, at least for the time being.

"The fact that he would just cross the line in that way is really hurtful," Shari said. "We're done. I feel empty right now. I'm done. I'm honestly done. If he participated in something, I'm done."

Prior to Tuesday's episode, PopCulture.com spoke with Javen and Shari about their decision to take on Temptation Island, especially with Javen still looking for redemption from his past.

"For me, I was definitely nervous, because I had my reservations, I had my trust issues with Javen, and he typically didn't do too well in the past in those environments," Shari told PopCulture.

For Javen, he explained he had "imagined walking around and just deflecting temptations," but was surprised how hard it was to resist temptation when you spend that much time around people "organically."

"Temptation is sneaky," he confessed, adding of his journey on the island, "I grew a lot as a person. When people tune in and see my story they're going to see really who I am."

Temptation Island airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA.


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