'Teen Mom' Star Bar Smith Arrested on Kidnapping and Domestic Violence Charges

The MTV star is reportedly estranged from his wife, Ashley Jones.

Bar Smith is back in legal trouble. The Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star, who first appeared on Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, was arrested in Nevada on July 7. The Ashley reported on the arrest and charges. Fans of the show are aware that Smith and his wife, Ashley Jones, are estranged. Jones lives in Las Vegas with their daughter, Holly, while Smith is said to be living in California and is on probation. The two split after years of on-and-off turmoil last year.

Smith has been charged with second-degree felony kidnapping. Per the report, in the state of Nevada, a second-degree kidnapping charge is given when someone allegedly holds another person against their will but no harm is done. A lengthy prison sentence or a fine could be at stake.

Smith is also being charged a domestic violence charge, label as "Coercion Domestic Violence with the Threat Of or Using Physical Force." But that's not all, Smith also racked up a first-degree Harassment charge, a misdemeanor. He was also charged on an unrelated matter, which is listed as "Contempt of Municipal Court." 

At the time of this report, Smith remains behind bars. His bail is set to $35,000.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Jones would be filming the latest season of the show alone after Smith went MIA. The two were also filming the couple's therapy version of the show last year, but their trip was cut short and they were sent home. The Ashley reported that they got into an altercation at the hotel in Columbia