Ryan Edwards Accused of Spending Thousands a Week on Drugs in 'Teen Mom OG' Season Premiere

Teen Mom OG shared some wild details about Ryan Edwards’ drug addiction — and his habit’s hefty price tag.

On Monday’s premiere episode, Edwards’ wife Mackenzie Standifer visited him in a Dallas, Texas rehab center. As Maci Bookout’s ex and 8-year-old Bentley’s father, fans have watched Edwards go through some intense scenarios — and some rough patches — in his time on the show, but Standifer’s admission to MTV producer Kiki was a major bombshell.

“He said that he was using three times a day,” Standifer told Kiki of her husband’s drug use. “Ten thousand dollars a week!”

“That’s a s—t ton of monday,” Kiki replied.

“They say relapse is part of the recover and that just scares the s—t out of me,” Standifer said. “I had to tell him that I love him but that I’m not mad. He just need to know how bad that hurts.”

Also on Monday’s premiere, Bookout told a friend that she hasn’t heard any information about her ex’s plans for rehabilitation.

“I don’t know if he’s just looking to do 30 days and come home… or maybe go to a halfway house,” Bookout brainstormed. “I have no idea. I hope those are the steps that he takes because I don’t feel like it’ll be fixed in 30 days.”

“I can tell you right now if he comes home before the 30 days [and] then if you don’t do what you need to do outside of your recovery as far as Bentley is concerned and as far as staying sober for real, then we’re done,” she continued. “It’s not just anybody we’re talking about, we’re talking about my child’s life.”

Bookout’s anger may stem from the chilling event that happened on the season 6 finale of the long-running MTV show.

On the episode, Edwards was shown driving impaired while Standifer rode in the passenger seat on the way to their private wedding. Instead of chatting about their day of romance, viewers watched Standifer tap her fiance to keep waking him up. At one point, she even takes hold of the steering wheel to keep them safe.

Addiction was a main theme of Teen Mom OG’s premiere episode. Mom Amber Portwood halted her engagement to Matt Baier after he admittedly relapsed earlier in the year.

“Why did I relapse? Because of all this bullsh-t,” Baier told his fiancee during a rift. “You can only take so much of this sh-t and I relapsed pretty f--king hard. I was going through a really tough time.”

Still, Portwood insisted they back off a bit.

“[Let’s] go slow right now, I think the wedding needs to be … completely … done right now,” she said. “[I’m] not even thinking about the wedding or anything, or being engaged.”


Since filming the episode, Portwood and Baier have called it quits and she is now expecting her second child with new beau Andrew Glennon.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.