'Teen Mom OG' Alum Farrah Abraham Confuses Fans With Odd Workout Video Wearing Heels

Former Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham was up to her old tricks again on Instagram Thursday by sharing a bizarre video of herself at a gym. To add the extra weirdness only Abraham can bring, she is shown wearing high-heeled Versace stilettos while working out on the gym equipment. Fans found the whole thing bizarre and even "beyond awkward."

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"Throwback time," Abraham wrote, tagging workout wear brand Warrior Style. She also included the hashtags "must haves," "versacce," "favorite song," "stilettos," "pumps" and "Crime Mob."

In the clip, Abraham is seen using gym equipment, including a treadmill, while wearing high-heels. The video surprised fans, some of whom felt embarrassed for her.

"I have second hand embarrassment watching this," one follower wrote.

"You almost fell over punching that bag," another wrote.

"Lol she be doing the leg press with no weights," one fan pointed out.

"Dude is there something wrong with your body?" another wrote. "Why do your arms move like that. In all of your videos."

"But you didn't show up to celeb boxing lol you got scared because of drita lol and you had to pay money back," another wrote.

That last comment was a reference to Abraham's 2018 celebrity boxing match debacle. Abraham was supposed to fight Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander in November 2018 during a celebrity boxing charity event, but backed out at the last moment. Abraham and her manager claimed she backed out because the promoters did not follow through with some of their promises for perks, like hotel rooms and tickets. Promoter Damon Feldman then filed a cease and desist order, demanding she stop making "defamatory statements" about the match.

In December 2018, Feldman filed a $12,000 lawsuit against Abraham, claiming she took cash up-front for the event and signed a contract. Abraham later claimed the documents in the lawsuit were "forged."

"We are truly wishing Damon the best with his frivolous lawsuit. Everyone must realize this guy broke his own contract with us and runs this 'so called' business out of his studio apartment and doing 'basement style event fights' that no one watches," Abraham's rep said after the lawsuit was filed. "He should work a little harder to pay for travel/accommodations for the talent and team and then perhaps the talent will actually come. Get ready for the counter suit from Farrah."

Later, a judge ruled in Feldman's favor. According to The Blast, he was awarded $12,000 and $170 in court costs. It is not clear if Abraham paid him.

Fast forward to 2020 and Abraham is still getting fans riled up. On Friday, she shared another bizarre video, this time showing herself buying disinfectant at a Target out of fear of the coronovarius. Her daughter, Sophia Abraham, 10, was also in the video.


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