'Teen Mom' Alum Chelsea Houska Seems to Hit at Farrah Abraham With Recent Parenting Decision

Farrah Abraham recently caused quite a stir after her daughter Sophia got several face piercings for her 14th birthday. Abraham defended the decision by noting she is just supporting her daughter and making a trade-off for raising a teen.

"I don't really agree with other parents who just allow their kids to drink alcohol already as a young teenager or have sex already as young teenagers," Abraham said in her defense. "I'm speaking though as a teen parent who lost a baby daddy and has gone through a very traumatic time in her life. I've shown that on television. So I'm not going to really agree with my child dating or having sex right now [or] child experimenting with drugs and possibly dying right now. So there's definitely real-life things that parents are really going through that are probably way more difficult than piercings that might get rejected."

Now we have another Teen Mom alum weighing in on facial piercings with Chelsea DeBoer (nee Houska), noting that she's a bit more conservative in terms of what she'll allow her kids to do. "If I would let her, she would get her septum pierced and stuff, which I'm not against," the Teen Mom alum said. "Like, I have piercings, and I had piercings, but I feel like 13 is a little young."

"I'm like, 'Wait until you're 16, and then we can reevaluate. So, facial piercings – I'm like, 'That needs to wait," Houska added. "But she can do her ears and stuff. [Septum piercing is] the one thing that I think of that she wanted, and I was like, 'You have to wait.'"

The former Teen Mom star didn't mention Abraham or call out any specifics, but the proximity to Sophia's piercing outrage seems hard to ignore. There is also still plenty of animosity toward Abraham by almost everybody in the Teen Mom universe.

While it doesn't seem like Houska is taking aim at Abraham with her comments, the implication is there. It is also fitting that a less controversial alum can weigh in on the issue, addressing it without mentioning the controversial Teen Mom.