'Teen Mom OG' Alum Farrah Abraham Blasted for Video of Daughter Wearing Mask

Farrah Abraham is finding herself in hot water on social media once again as she continues to strike the wrong tone with followers amid the coronavirus pandemic. The former Teen Mom OG star has already been criticized for saying she loved "coronavirus season" and for videos in which she appears to be taking the deadly illness lightly, but her 11-year-old daughter Sophia is being brought into the fray in the comment section of one of her videos from earlier this month.

In the video from March 14, Sophia is wearing a respiratory mask and surgical gloves while carrying two large bottles of Lysol, with Abraham capturing the moment, "Hey Self #quartine ready go team (sic)! #clean #Lysol #coronavirus." Health officials have repeatedly asked the public not to hoarde masks and gloves in a time in which health care workers are struggling to find enough supplies for themselves, warning that masks are only helpful for people who have tested positive for COVID-19 when it comes to protecting other people, but will not protect healthy people from contracting the virus, as it is not airborne.

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Abraham's followers were quick to remind the MTV star of these facts. "They've already said many many times the masks are ONLY FOR THOSE WITH THE VIRUS! It's not protecting you from anything," one commenter wrote.

"Blown away at the ignorance and stupidity. Leave the masks for the people this disease actually could kill," another wrote. "And maybe stop posting stuff about serious matters for attention like this. Unreal. I feel sorry for this child."

"Disrespectful to the highest!!!" a third chimed in. "Again making fun of something that is a serious thing just so they can make a spectacle of themselves! Then claim bullying when people say something!!!"

Abraham's previous coronavirus scandal came earlier this month when she attempted to share tips on homeschooling, as Sophia has long been enrolled in online school.

"Sophia has been online-schooled for a couple years now, and I wanted her to share some tips and tricks because I've kind of got it down beyond coronavirus times," Abraham said in the March 16 video. "Everything can be done from home and online. And I'm super pumped about that because I'm such a homebody and I kind of love coronavirus season."

"You love coronavirus season?? [What the f—]?" one commenter wrote at the time, as another chimed in, "Why do you keep saying you love Coronavirus season like its spring, summer, fall, or winter?! You seriously need a reality check."

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