Farrah Abraham Lashes out After Being Told to Choose Between NSFW Work and 'Teen Mom'

Farrah Abraham did not take the news that she would have to choose between her work as an adult entertainer and as a part of Teen Mom well.

The 26-year-old MTV personality claimed in October that she had been let go from the show due to her work in the adult film industry, but Monday was the first time fans got to see what went down between Abraham and the show's Executive Producer, Morgan J. Freeman.

After losing her temper with producer Kristen in last week's episode, Freeman had a sit-down with his star for a brief discussion about having some "compassion and understanding."

"I am so compassionate and so understanding," Abraham responded. "I am working my a— off, just like everyone."

"Right, but you do have very little empathy or compassion for other people," Freeman replied. "Do you think you respect the people who are around you trying to make the show?"

"I respect a lot of people who respect me," Abraham said, denying she had gotten rid of Kristen, saying "she can got annoy the s— out of everybody else."

It's then that Freeman let Abraham know how much of a difficulty she's posing for the production team. "Out of nine moms, you're the only one that's the problem," he said.

"I'm sorry, f—ing shoot me for being who I am," Abraham fired back, claiming she is "not difficult."

It's then that Freeman revealed the network was also concerned about her pornographic webcam performances.

"I think you know that everybody kind of knows about some of the adult activities that have been going on," he told her. "You had said that you weren't going to continue to do the adult videos to us, that you had decided to not go down that path."

Abraham defended herself, saying, "I have no new celebrity sex tapes out there."

It's then that Freeman laid down the line.

"You can choose to do whatever you want, like nobody's here to cast judgement on anything, but if you choose to work in the adult industry, we can't continue to film your show for Teen Mom," he said.

"You have had this critical role all the way from 16 and Pregnant to this, and no one is saying that you can't do any of this stuff, it's just if you're going to go down that path, we cant keep shooting this path," Freeman added.

Abraham bristles at the suggestion she choose between the two. "Who are you to tell me to choose one thing? I don't have to choose anything!" she said.

The mother-of-one didn't make a final decision during that meeting with production, but Freeman said walking away he was pretty clear he had impressed upon her what she needed to do next to continue filming.

Apparently that didn't sit well with Abraham, who revealed she will not be returning to the show at the end of the episode, saying she thought her adult work would be more "beneficial" for her career.

Instead, she told PopCulture.com exclusively this month, she's taking her acting skills elsewhere: "I'm solely focusing on acting and scripted roles. Reality TV turned into plotted fake scenes, so at this point I see it as I'll be the best actress this world has ever seen."

Abraham is currently embroiled in a $5 million lawsuit against MTV parent company Viacom, claiming she was "sex shamed" during her firing. She has reportedly been replaced on the show by Teen Mom 3 alum Mackenzie McKee.


Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo Credit: MTV