'Teen Mom' Fans Think Farrah Abraham's Daughter Sophia Looks 'Exhausted' Amid Venice Trip

Teen Mom fans are worried about Sophia Laurent Abraham, fearing that her mother, Farrah Abraham is exhausting her in the making of their own YouTube content. Abraham has pivoted to vlogs and other online formats since leaving the cast of Teen Mom, but some fans think that this transition has been hard on her daughter. That was especially true of Abraham's new video on Sunday.

Abraham and her daughter are in Venice, Italy for the Venice Film Festival. The trip was a hectic one, judging by Abraham's video. The video blog followed Abraham and Sophia through the city, where fans thought the reality TV daughter looked a little worse for wear.

"Sophia looks exhausted and seems embarrassed of Farrah," one fan commented.

"Listen to your child she said very clearly scary not happy!!" added another.

"It looks like Sophia's ready for bed her mom is dragging her in this boring video," added another. "Aesthetic mom."

Abraham posted a teaser for the video on Instagram as well, where fans shared a similar sentiment. Many commented on Sophia's odd lifestyle and questioned whether it was healthy for her to try and keep up with her mother.

"Poor Sophia needs to socialize with kids her own age," one wrote.

Abraham got a lot out of her trip to Venice, splitting it into two different vlogs. This one also included footage of Sophia's first day of school for the year. The 10-year-old is becoming a star in her own right, having been on camera since she was born on 16 and Pregnant.

The new school year will only exacerbate Sophia's exhaustion, fans fear. Throughout the video she was getting her schoolwork done in airports, cafes and hotels. Sophia is homeschooled, allowing her to continue traveling with her mother. Some fans think that this is not the best lifestyle for her, however, with its lack of stability.

Even this is a mystery to fans as well. Many wonder how Abraham is making money and supporting her lifestyle these days, since she left the cast of Teen Mom OG last year. Abraham has had a few lucrative deals for public appearances, reality TV work and even adult films, but so far her day-to-day life does not seem to have changed.


The YouTube channel undoubtedly helps with that, however. Abraham has gone all-in on the video format, doing what amounts to a reality TV show on her own with complete creative and editorial control.

Abraham has not responded to the worries about Sophia's status. Fans are still waiting on the second part of her Venice vlog.