'Teen Mom' Cheyenne Floyd Reveals New Boyfriend

Teen Mom OG star Cheyenne Floyd is finally opening up about her new relationship, after months of keeping her new beau out of the spotlight.

In a new interview, the mother of one spoke for the first time about the new man in her life, and how he fits into the family.

Before introducing Matthew from Baltimore to Hollywood Gossip, the reality star had said she was taking her time keeping her new relationship under wraps.

"I think it's important to take this time to enjoy each another outside of a public eye," she said earlier this year. "It allows for us to continue to cultivate something genuine and easy-going without the pressures of outside influence."

(Photo: Instagram/@emex)

"It's as simple as making sure that we differentiate what we have together and what we allow others to be welcomed into," she added.

At the time, she also opened up about thinking that Matthew could be The One.

"It's crazy that I've found myself saying that or even believing it, but this feels different than anything I’ve been involved with before," she told the outlet.

"Things are going better than I could’ve imagined honestly, and that’s part of the reason I want to keep it this way for now," she said.

In the new interview, Floyd also shared photos of the couple. She told the outlet she decided to finally make her relationship public because it was getting difficult to keep it a secret.

"Everyone has been asking about my boyfriend and it’s hard to keep him out of the public eye because we are together a lot," she said. "His name is Matthew and he is from Baltimore so it's long distance."

She also shared that her new man had met daughter Ryder. "He's really good around her. It takes a lot of patience to be around a toddler... they are super busy and he loves watching how smart and daring she is."

The MTV star added that her new beau has met her family and everyone is getting along great, even Matthew and her ex Cory Wharton.

"My family adores him, he has met basically my whole family. They all love him and appreciate that he deals with me," she told the outlet.

When it came to meeting Wharton, Floyd said the two guys "sat down and talked with each other. It went well."

"Cory and I trust each other to only have people around Ryder that have the best intentions and are nice to her," Floyd added.

With their relationship now out in the open, Floyd said she and Matthew are still getting to know each other and taking things slow.


"We are taking everything very slow and enjoying each other. We aren’t in a rush to run off and get married or to have kids," Floyd told the outlet. "We just want to enjoy each other and keep building our relationship."

Could we get to know Matthew on the next season of Teen Mom OG? Floyd is expected to return to the show next season on MTV.