Chelsea Houska Opens up About Explaining Adam Lind's Drug Arrest to Her Daughter

The Teen Mom 2 reunion special was full of emotionally charged moments, including Chelsea opening up about her ex's drug arrest, and how she explains it to their daughter.

Chelsea Houska and Adam Lind have had a tumultuous run, from Sixteen and Pregnant all the way through recent seasons of Teen Mom 2.

Although Houska herself has grown and matured — settling down with husband Cole Deboer and giving birth to their son Watson — her firstborn's father has remained static. Lind has struggled to stay out of trouble and pay his child support, and on Nov. 2, he was arrested for "Outside County Charges."

Lind will remain behind bars until at least Dec. 21, when he'll stand before a judge.

For Houska, explaining Adam's absence to their daughter Aubree is a careful balancing act. "You wanna sugar coat it, but you don't want to lie to them," she said on the recent reunion episode. "I just say he just doesn't always make the best decisions, and, because of that, right now it has to be supervised or someone has to be there for your visits." Houska added that she has yet to get into the specifics of her ex's history with drugs and violence with their daughter.

Still, Houska demonstrated a sense of guilt for Lind's behavior. "The last thing you want is to give your child a drug addicted father," she said in the special. "It's just sad knowing that that's the father that I gave her."

Houska and her daughter live with her hustband, Cole Deboer, and their infant son. Lind's appearances on Teen Mom 2 have been steadily dwindling even before the divorce, and in the most recent season he didn't sign off on any filming at all.


Teen Mom 2's season finale airs Monday, Nov. 20 at 8 p.m. on MTV.