'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell Slams Rumors of Husband Tyler Baltierra's Cheating

Catelynn Lowell is laughing off rumors that husband Tyler Baltierra is cheating on her. The Teen Mom OG star slammed the speculation circulating online that the two are unhappy in their marriage in a new interview with Us Weekly, calling all the gossip "ridiculous" and noting he wouldn't have the opportunity to cheat on her even if he was interested in straying.

"Tyler and I are together all day every day! For people to think that he cheats is ridiculous and you obviously don't know his character because he would never be able to cheat and not tell me. It would drive him insane," the reality personality said. "Obviously this isn't the first time cheating rumors have popped up but now it's gone to the level of being with his Instagram followers? Please!"

"I honestly think that people just have a hard time believing in our relationship," Lowell speculated, saying of the online trolls, "I feel like they need to try and stir up drama in some ways. Doesn't anyone think that if this was really happening there would be someone running to the tabloids with proof and would've been outed by now?"

With 14 years under their belt, Lowell added she's happy to sit back and watch people unsuccessfully try to tear them down.

"We're happy and these trolls with no lives sitting behind computer screens and phone screens have nothing better to do than try to stir the pot," she said. "Keep stirring, though, because this pot is very strong and won't collapse."

The couple recently renewed their vows in a romantic Hawaiian ceremony shown on the MTV show, which Lowell said she actually planned completely behind her husband's back.

"I actually planned the vow renewal so Tyler had no clue. It was just him and I — and a TV crew. It was very small and intimate," Lowell told Us Weekly in February. "I decided to do it because of the year we had prior. It was like a new beginning and recommitting. We are stronger now. Whenever you go through things as a couple and come out on the other side, you are always stronger!"

Despite the couple deciding to take a trial separation for 30 days in September 2018 after finding out they were expecting baby Vaeda, Lowell said the two have never been better.

"Tyler and I just click," the reality personality added. "We're really opposite, but we have a lot of similarities. I just think really open, honest communication [works]. I feel like some people are just meant to be with one another and I really just feel like that's him and I; we just really bond and click and connect."

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