'Teen Mom' Catelynn Lowell Shoots Down Tyler Baltierra Divorce Reports

Teen Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell is clearing up reports that she and husband Tyler Baltierra have filed for divorce following a 30-day trial separation.

The pregnant reality personality, 26, took to Instagram Tuesday after articles circulated by her MTV co-stars claimed, "Tyler confirms, 'We are divorced!'"

Sharing a screenshot of the article, Lowell wrote in the caption, "Nooo we are not [laughing crying emojis]," adding, "#dontbelievethehype."

If one were to read the article all the way through, they would see that the quote being attributed to Baltierra was clearly made in jest after a Reddit thread hypothesized that the two had split for good.

"Tyler I thought you guys divorced??? I read an article and it says you guys did...so like...can u clarify? Kuz if it's true I'm done watching Teen Mom. we need answers!!!" an anonymous user wrote on the website.

Baltierra responded to the question, "Hey if you read it in an article then IT JUST HAS TO BE TRUE!!! To be honest...we are divorced...(If being divorced means cuddling on the couch watching Harry Potter on SyFy...) & I gotta say, we are both really diggin the divorced life. We're both pretty happy with it!!!"

The couple did go through a trial separation last year after Lowell returned from mental health treatment following a miscarriage that triggered suicidal thoughts. Having been left alone with daughter Nova, now 4, for months, Baltierra admitted during the most recent season of the reality show that he had become "bitter" in their relationship, prompting the couple to seek couple's counseling.

In counseling, Baltierra explained he wanted to try and figure out his identity apart from his wife, whom he had been dating since his early teens.

"I was devastated at first, but now that I've started my own therapy, I"m more comfortable with the idea," Lowell said in a November episode.

After the 30 days, however, the couple returned to living together, and are excited to welcome daughter Tezlee any day now.

"I think this baby is gonna come soon!" Lowell wrote on Instagram Tuesday.

"This baby is our rainbow baby after the storm. I'm super excited," Lowell said in September when she announced the news via Us Weekly in September. "It was a huge shock at first. We were not planning it, especially after the miscarriage and how I went downhill with my mental illness."


"We were going to wait a really long time. We were using protection and everything and still got pregnant. This baby just wanted to be here. It was very unexpected," she added.

Photo credit: Getty Images