'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Accused of Threatening YouTuber Amid Domestic Battery Probation

A YouTuber has accused Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood of threatening her after she posted clips of the reality star's domestic battery incident with ex Andrew Glennon online, which could cause problems for Portwood amid her probation. The Marion County District Attorney in Indiana told TMZ that Katie Joy, the woman behind a YouTube account that has been documenting Portwood's domestic violence case, accused Portwood of making threats against her.

The D.A. reportedly forwarded the information to the probation officer overseeing Portwood's case. Last month, Portwood took a plea deal and pleaded guilty to two felonies — domestic battery and intimidation. She received 906 days of probation, after which the battery count would be dismissed and the battery charge would be downgraded to a misdemeanor if she gets through it without any run-ins with the law.

Joy claimed that Portwood was speaking directly to her in an Instagram Live video, saying, "I know your address." Portwood says someone is going to get what she has coming to her; Joy claimed Portwood is referencing her.

Sources close to Joy told TMZ that she was getting threats from Portwood's fans hoping that she dies, and that Joy is fearful that one of Portwood's fans will attack her.

TMZ also published video and audio from the incident that landed Portwood in jail. In it, she allegedly wielded a machete at Glennon as the two argued. Glennon can be heard asking if Portwood took all of her prescribed medicines in one sitting, implying suicide on her end and calling her a bad mother. A noise that sounds like something hacking a door can also be heard, with Glennon yelling, "What are you doing?" earlier in the clip, he said she was holding a machete.


According to court documents, the incident escalated to the point where Portwood grabbed a massive knife and swung the bladed side at Glennon, with whom she shares 1-year-old son James, which could have been what was heard in the video.

In Portwood's plea deal that earned her 906 days of probation, she was also ordered to take a 26-week batters' intervention program, which involves submitting to random urine and breath testing.