'Teen Mom' Alum Jenelle Evans Slams Sister After Breaking Silence on Relationship

The 'Teen Mom 2' alum's sister Ashleigh

Jenelle Evans is responding to sister Ashleigh Evans' recent TikTok claiming the Teen Mom 2 alum is a "liar" and "doesn't care about anybody but herself." The former MTV personality took to the social media platform Thursday with a response, calling her sister "jealous" and accusing her of having "sold [her] out to the tabloids" in the past.

"Me and [Ashleigh] didn't have the best relationship growing up. She had her own friends. I had my own friends," Jenelle says in footage labeled as being from 2021, which she stitched with a current video of her staring into the camera, raising her eyebrows at times. "When we moved to North Carolina, things changed. She got into a Gothic phase, and I was high school cheerleader, and we definitely didn't get along then, because it seems like my sister was jealous over me."


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The 16 and Pregnant alum continued, "Later on in life, I ended up on this show, and then things only got worse from there. She has mental health issues. She's sold me out to the tabloids, making up stories that aren't even true. When something goes bad in my life, that's the only time that she will comment on my life. So hope she's doing well, but it's better if I cut her off." Jenelle captioned the stitched TikTok, "Some things never change," adding the hashtag "ToxicSiblings."

In the comments, Jenelle responded to one person asking, "I'm guessing this is your response to the video she recently made about you?" writing, "Yupppp sure is." When another social media user commented, "Jealous of you??" the mother of three wrote, "Yup, before I had kids. You don't know my childhood."

Jenelle's TikTok came just two days after Ashleigh slammed her sister in a since-deleted video of her own. "It's been four years since I haven't had social media due to my sister," she said in a Feb. 20 video captured by fans before its deletion. "I am making this video to tell everybody that my sister's nothing but a liar. She's always been the same. She has not only lied and destroyed my mother's reputation, she has destroyed my reputation and said horrible things about our family over the past 15 years."

Ashleigh claimed that Jenelle "doesn't care about anybody but herself" and said that their mother, Barbara Evans, was "done" with her amid their ongoing feud over the custody and safety of Jenelle's eldest son Jace. "I have not spoken to my sister for eight years. And if she wants to retaliate, that's absolutely fine, because I have a lot of things against her that I've kept secret for a very long time," Ashleigh teased.