'Teen Mom 2': Where Jade Cline and Sean Austin's Relationship Stands After His Rehab Stint

Teen Mom 2 stars Jade Cline and Sean Austin have had a rocky relationship over the years. But, since Austin's decision to seek treatment for addiction issues, it seems as though the pair are on a better path. What does this mean for their romantic relationship? During Tuesday's reunion, the stars shared where things stand between them. 

First and foremost, Austin opened up about his journey from the past season. After watching a montage from the show, he teared up as he said that he was experiencing a "flurry of emotions." He explained that it hurt to see how he treated Cline and their daughter, Kloie. Austin said that he couldn't say sorry enough to Cline and Kloie and that the best way he can show his remorse is by continuing his sobriety journey. On the day that they filmed the reunion, Austin said that he was celebrating nine months of sobriety. 

Austin is clearly on an amazing track. But, what about the state of his relationship with Cline? Pinsky asked then about the subject and Cline replied that they were able to form an "immediate" romantic connection after he was done with treatment. She also added as she teared up, that she's incredibly happy to see Austin in a good place. The pair are in such a good place that they're looking forward to the future. Both Cline and Austin mentioned that they would like to have more children down the line and that they envision being married.

Cline previously opened up about Austin's decision to go to Texas for a 90-day treatment plan when she appeared on Teen Mom: Family Reunion. As The Sun noted, she referred to his choice as the "best decision he ever made." When asked if it was a choice that he made on his own, she said, "It was a huge step for him, the first step towards the rest of his life." Cline continued, "Now Kloie has two healthy parents that practice patience, good mental health, and healthy communications. So happy we are where we are at now."

The publication also noted that Cline and Austin may have gotten a jumpstart on their future plans by getting hitched in Las Vegas. In April, the couple took a trip to Las Vegas, which prompted one fan to later question, "Are you and Sean going to get married?" Cline responded with a "Shhh" emoji and wrote, "I mean… we were just in Vegas… who said we didn't already?" Based on how things are going between Cline and Austin, it seems as though there will be better times ahead for them on Teen Mom 2