'Teen Mom 2': Jade Cline Defends Her Parenting After Getting Called Out

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline has been plagued with individuals criticizing her parenting skills after watching the MTV series. The reality star is no longer going to let those haters get the best of her, as she defended herself by sharing a big statement on social media, per The Sun. Cline is a mother to daughter Kloie, 3, whom she shares with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Sean.

The Sun pointed out several comments that took aim at Cline after Teen Mom 2 shared a sneak peek at Tuesday's episode. In the clip, Cline's daughter acts up as she speaks with Sean, who went away for rehab, over FaceTime. Kloie was on the cranky side during the conversation and didn't seem interested in speaking with either of her parents. Still, since it was some time since the youngster spoke to her father, Cline urged her to tell him that she loves him. At one point, Kloie began to cry and told both of her parents that she missed her dad. 

After MTV released the scene, some individuals took issue with Cline apparently "forcing" Kloie to talk to her dad on the phone. One person wrote, "Why do some parents always tell their children to say this or that. Let them speak themselves. It's the same with telling your kid to give a kiss or a hug even though they don't want it. You're learning them to cross their boundaries for the benefit of someone else." Soon enough, Cline responded to that comment with a statement of her own. 


"Really sad to see the horrible things some of you people say. This is our real life , we don't hide s**t like some people," Cline wrote. "At least we are open and show how hard real life can be. Addiction effects so many people in the world and we want to show that PEOPLE CAN CHANGE with the proper steps and help. [sic]" The reality star continued to defend herself by letting her followers know that Kloie is "happy and healthy." She also urged viewers to keep in mind that even though they're showcasing their lives on reality TV, they're just people with real feelings at the end of the day. Cline added, "You have to remember we are all human and doing what's best for Kloie. We are all happy and healthy and that's what matters."