'Teen Mom 2' Star Leah Messer 'Sickened' Over Comments About Her Daughter Ali

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is not going to let the haters spread any negativity about her family. As PEOPLE noted, on Sunday, the reality star shared that she was "sickened" by the hateful messages that some of her followers posted recently about her daughter, Aliannah (Ali). Doctors previously diagnosed Messer's daughter with a rare form of muscular dystrophy in 2014.

On Twitter, the MTV personality wrote that some of her followers shared "despicable" comments on a post featuring herself and Ali that she posted on Saturday. She went on to share that she was disgusted that people could write something so cruel about a child and questioned what kind of world everyone is living in if this kind of behavior goes on. Messer ended her message with a beautiful note about celebrating everyone's differences, writing that everyone should teach their children about the "differences that make us the beautiful individuals we are!!!" The reality star's post has already garnered an immensely positive reception from her fans, many of whom replied to her message to applaud her for her strong words.

According to PEOPLE, Ali was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy when she was only four years old. Messer opened up about her daughter's diagnosis in her novel, Hope, Grace, & Faith, which was released in early May. In her book, she wrote that her daughter "is the research," as her disease is one in a million. She noted that as Ali grows, doctors can learn more about her specific condition.


As she continued to explain in Hope, Grace, & Faith, Messer has had to come to terms with there being "unknowns" when it comes to Ali's illness. Still, that doesn't mean that watching her daughter battle with the disease hasn't been hard on her. She wrote, "It took me a while to get to that place where it's like, it doesn't matter. She's so resilient. She's so determined. Yes, she gets people staring, but she knows her worth. She knows what she's capable of, and there's nothing that's going to stop her. But I think, honestly, the hardest part is just it being unknown and, as a mom, wanting to fix all of it and not being able to."