'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Slammed for Daughter Aleeah's Cheer Outfit and Makeup

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer is getting slammed online for her daughter Aleeah's cheer outfit and makeup, with some fans of the show chiding her over it. In an Instagram post, Messer shared some photos from Aleeah's recent competition. "I’m so grateful Aleeah has coaches in her life that continue to support her dreams and reaching her fullest potential!" she captioned the photo. "We love our @famous_superstars10 family!"

Many took to criticizing Messer for Aleeah's cheer outfit: "I’m sorry she’s in so much makeup and such a short skirt," wrote one fan. "Yikes, mama. You're gonna have a repeat of the past. Make sure to teach her morals and not just how to apply fake lashes. Such potential, but teetering on the side of err."

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"This is ridiculous.. her face looks harder than concrete with all that makeup and fake tan. What is going on in America? This is why they have so much problems with their kids," chimed another user.

"Beautiful but why so much makeup she looks like shes 17? Hope she conquers all her goals and fulfills her dreams," wrote someone else, while one more person added, "Waaaaay inappropriate..its not ok for little girls to dress like this."

Not everyone has been critical however, as some came out to show support for Messer, with one user commenting, "Cheer family really is so amazing! As a single parent I couldn’t have prayed for a more positive environment with a bunch of strong women as role models."

Another supported wrote: "I'm disgusted at some of the comments on here!!!!!! A young girl 'playing a part' doing what she loves!!! Some of the amazing stunts these kids do, I would challenge anyone of to to even donate front roll in a long skirt!! Its not her attire 24/7 365 days a year it's for competition! And the nasty comments about getting pregnant, some serious issues you must have. Get a grip!!!!!"

"Why do people honestly think they have a right to get on here and say something about somebody's children?" one more commenter asked. "So what did they wear makeup there and cheer all the kids wear makeup? Where makeup doesn't make you not have dreams doesn't make you fulfill your goals in life."


"People really honestly hate on other people because they're pretty they were makeup," the user added. "They wear short skirts. They weren't fish. They wear that who says is right who says is wrong who says, it's Letty who says it's not just because one person sings one way and another person thinks another way doesn't make it right or wrong."

At this time, Messer does not appear to have responded to the backlash.