'Teen Mom 2' Star Jenelle Evans Separates From David Eason Again

There's a mess in Jenelle Evans' home.

Following a break-in at her North Carolina home, Jenelle Evans has split from her husband, David Eason….again. Per court documents obtained by The U.S Sun, the Teen Mom 2 alum filed for separation, alleging that there was an argument between her and Eason over the murder of her dog, Nugget, in 2019, as well as allegations of abuse involving her 14-year-old son, Jace, who has been reported as a runaway several times in the past few months. 

In the separation request, Evans reportedly noted Eason's alleged refusal to work, his excessive spending of Jenelle's money, as well as text exchanges with his ex-wife, which Evans refers to as "criminal conversations." Evans says she and her husband separated on February 16, "with the intent that the separation be permanent." She adds: "Throughout the duration of the marriage of the parties, the defendant has exhibited concerning and at times disturbing behavior towards the plaintiff."

There is mention of the animal abuse allegations, with Evans noting: "In May of 2019, Defendant shot and killed the family's pet French Bulldog, Nugget, in front of the minor child," with Evans referring to her daughter Ensley, now 7. As a result, Evans claims, "the Columbus County Department of Child Services, DSS instituted proceedings against the parties and took into custody the aforementioned minor children." She also alleged that her stepdaughter, Maryssa, was also taken into DSS custody during that incident.

Evans mentions the assault on her son Jace, though previously, she denied Eason's involvement.  "On or about September 28 of 2023, a report was made to medical professionals by the plaintiff's oldest minor child," the report notes.

This comes just a week after Evans' home was reportedly bombarded with an armed robber. An investigation is ongoing. The MTV alum never named a suspect.