'Teen Mom 2' Ex Reportedly Signs New Contract on Series, Infuriating Star

Teen Mom 2 will have a new star when the show returns. Chris Lopez, the father of two of Kailyn [...]

Teen Mom 2 will have a new star when the show returns. Chris Lopez, the father of two of Kailyn Lowry's children, has finally signed a contract with MTV to star on the show after making his first non-blurred appearance on the show last season. Lowry is reportedly not happy with this though. Lowry and Lopez share two sons, Lux, 4, and Creed, 1. Lowry also shares Isaac, 11, with Jo Rivera, and Lincoln, 7, with Javi Marroquin.

A production source told The Ashley's Reality Roundup on Friday that Lopez finally signed a deal with MTV after years of declining the offers. He is reportedly being paid about $2,000 per episode. An "appearance" on the show is earned when Lopez physically appears on the show or if his voice is heard. The contract was only signed a few weeks ago. When Lowry heard about it, she was angry, a source told The Ashley.

"When Kail found out Chris is now receiving money for appearing on the show, she was very upset and texted [one of the higher-up producers] and said it was disrespectful of them to have given Chris a contract and not even have given her the heads-up, especially after all these years," the source said. "Kail was not happy that Chris is going to be cashing in on an opportunity created by her."

Lopez appeared in the Teen Mom 2 July 13 episode, marking the first time he was on the show without his face blurred, notes InTouch Weekly. That episode saw Lowry and Lopez get into a fight while Lowry was picking up Creed. "They can hear you. They can see you. You're gonna be on the show," Lowry was heard telling Lopez. "I hope they show you… they can. They can show you."

While Lopez had not appeared on Teen Mom 2 before that episode, he was cashing in on his connection to the series with his P.T.S.D Pressure Talks with Single Dads. He even invited Lowry's Teen Mom 2 co-star Briana DeJesus on the show in April. Now that Lopez is under contract at MTV, The Ashley reports that MTV could use audio from the podcast, even though it was recorded months ago. "MTV wasn't there filming when Briana did Chris' podcast," a source told the outlet. "Actually, Briana didn't really tell any producers that she was doing it. They found out after it was taped."

Lowry and DeJesus' long-running feud has only escalated in recent months. In July, Lowry filed a defamation lawsuit against DeJesus over comments DeJesus made in an interview and on Instagram about why Lowry was not seen in the June 8 episode of Teen Mom 2. After the lawsuit, DeJesus called Lowry a "hypocrite" on Instagram and defined the words "audacity, corny, imposter, and dumb b—" for her followers.

Amid this situation, Lowry and Marroquin appeared to be reuniting, five years after their divorce. Lowry's representative later shot down the rumors that they reconciled. "Kail and Javi are NOT back together, but they are very dedicated to a positive and healthy co-parenting relationship for their son, Lincoln," the rep said. "They are both heavily involved in his football activities, and this has resulted in them spending more time together."