'Teen Mom 2' Kailyn Lowry Plans Joint Book Tour With Ex After Being Spotted Smooching

Who said exes can't get along? Just look at Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry and her ex-husband Javi Marroquin, who are planning to go on tour to promote their anticipated book series He Said, She Said.

The two books, which will be released simultaneously, will include details of the cheating accusations that led to the young couple's eventual divorce, which fans saw being finalized during the July premiere of the latest Teen Mom 2 season.

Since then, the pair have been shown on the show getting in several nasty spats over the care of their son, Lincoln. Lowry has also given birth to her third child recently, whom she had with boyfriend Chris Lopez before the pair also split.

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"People are going to believe what they want to believe," Marroquin told Radar. "Me or they're gonna believe her."

Writing the books turned out to be an emotional process for the divorcees, but the pair insist that they will only be spending time together as they promote the book, which does not have an official release date yet.

"It's hard because as we talk about it we try not to get emotions involved and realize that the past is the past," Marroquin continued. "We just wanna get our story out there but emotions get involved so quickly because it's so heavy for both of us ... We're hoping we can keep business as business."

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But did the process bring the two closer together? Marroquin was recently caught kissing Lowry on the cheek in recent paparazzi shots, but the 24-year-old father told Radar it doesn't mean a romantic reunion for the two.

"I have love for her, but we're not getting back together," he said. "If things were different and things didn't play out the way they did, maybe we could've given it another shot. But too many things have happened to do that."


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