'Teen Mom 2': Jenelle Evans' Mom Barbara Reveals Even More Photos of Grandchildren Amid Custody Battle

Barbara Evans is making the best out of Jenelle Evans' custody issues for her children's sakes.

The mother of the former Teen Mom 2 star returned to her Instagram Monday to share touching photos from her day at the beach with Evans' children Jace and Ensley, as well as their cousin Gabriel.

"Another beach day," Barbara captioned one of the photos, featuring the three kids smiling and enjoying some snacks during the special day.

(Photo: Instagram/Barbara Evans)

The second photo, which Barbara shared without a caption, featured the three children playing in the water.

Fans took to the comments sections of the photos to praise Barbara for stepping in as a mother figure for her grandkids, after a judge temporarily removed Evans' children from her and husband David Eason's home following a Child Protective Services.

"Loving all the update pictures Barb! You will be sorely missed on teen mom 2!" one fan mused. "I wish you could stay and replace Jenelle. You are a hell of good Grandma and your grandkids adore you. I am so happy Ensley is finally safe and you should fight hard to keep her because David will surely hurt her somewhere down the road. I hope Jenelle finally sees the light and leaves him before it's too late."

(Photo: Instagram/Barbara Evans)

"It's so great seeing what a PEACEFULLY day KIDS should have. They were used to the David the lunatic playing drums wanting to be a rockstar. The lunatic showing off his arsenal of guns and ammo. Giving the middle finger to FBI agents while having a gun shoves down his pants. Listening to drunken madness outside while their mother called 9-1-1 because SHE said the lunatic husband broke her collarbone. And let's not forget precious nugget.. How 2 children had to go through the killing of their pet! THIS PICTURE Miss Barbara has put up is what a childhood is SUPPOSED to look like!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU MISS BARBARA," another fan commented.

Jenelle and Eason failed to regain custody of their kids at a court hearing last week, with proceedings still happening to ensure the couple will regain custody of the children.

The new photos come one day before Barbara and Jenelle had an argument in front a North Carolina courthouse.

"Oh, I'm right here outside the courthouse — I'm giving my daughter a hug," the reality personality told her mom in a clip, after Barbara reportedly told 2-year-old Ensley to stay by her side. "If you have a problem with it, then go get an officer, because obviously she is not scared. I'm hugging her. I'm giving her a hello."


Barbara has had custody of Jace since CPS removed the children from Jenelle's home in May. Ensley had reportedly been staying with Eason's mother.