'Teen Mom 2' Jenelle Evans Loses Brand Partnership After Latest Controversies

Like many reality television stars, Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans uses her Instagram account to earn extra money on the side through brand partnerships. But her recent controversies have proven to be too much for one clothing brand that terminated their relationship earlier this month.

After receiving hundreds of messages from fans asking them to stop working with Evans, clothing brand PatPat announced on Twitter it was no longer working with her.

"Thanks to all our fans for reaching out to us," the brand announced on Dec. 6. "Our collaboration with Jenelle is going to be stopped from now on."

The message was welcomed with open arms by the brand's fans, some of whom said they were now more likely to buy PatPat's clothes for children.

"We appreciate you taking the time to hear our feedback. It was surprising of your choice of a spokesperson, but am glad that you did the right thing. Thank you," one person wrote.

"You've made the right choice, thank you for listening to us," another customer wrote.

"Good move!! She's absolute poison to any brand that works with her," another wrote.

In typical Evans fashion, she brushed the critics off, taking to Instagram to say she does not care about losing a sponsorship deal.

"You honestly think I care about some company that wants me to be a spokesperson yet doesn't know who they are dealing with? That just shows you how fake they are," Evans wrote, reports Radar Online. "I have more important stuff to worry about. I have so many projects going on at the moment. I don't need these side jobs, but I do it to be nice."

Evans also said PatPat is a "cheap a— company that doesn't pay their promoters" and criticized the brand for making their clothes overseas instead of in the U.S.

This is not the first time Evans has lost a brand partnership because of fans complaints about her past. In February, enough customers for Blue Apron, a meal delivery service, for the company to withdraw their partnership.

"Thanks for reaching out. We will no longer be advertising with Jenelle," a Blue Apron representative told fans on Twitter.

Evans' controversies have not let up in recent weeks. She has continued to stand by her husband David Eason, even after an October 911 call in which she claimed he assaulted her and broke her collarbone. Evans later called the incident a "misunderstanding" and told fans she was not in an abusive relationship.

Evans has also supported her controversial husband after he was called "racist" because he likes to share photos of himself with the Confederate battle flag. Evans also argues how her husband cannot be racist because his childhood best friend was black. Last month, Eason hinted at plans to visit all 50 states with the Confederate flag.

On Friday, Eason stunned social media observers by claiming the Secret Service visited their home after he posted a video of himself using a rifle with a bump stock with President Donald Trump's name in the caption. Eason responded by posting videos of his arsenal of weapons and ammunition. He also posted a photo of himself sleeping with a rifle.

Eason's most recent photo is a picture of Evans' back.


"'My a— is obnoxious, she says. I told her that's what the biscuits n gravy and hittin it from the back will do to ya! I love you babe," Eason wrote.

Evans and Eason have an infant daughter, Ensley. Evans also has two sons, Jace, 9, and Kaiser, 4, from previous relaitonships.