'Teen Mom 2': Jenelle Evans Criticized After 'Toxic' Tweets Amid Potential David Eason Reunion

Despite a contentious past with David Eason, it seems that Jenelle Evans has opened up to having him in her life again. In a string of three tweets on Saturday, the Teen Mom 2 alum also wrote about how well things are going in her personal and professional life. However, given that Evans recently started up a co-parenting situation with Eason, InTouch Weekly noticed some of her followers had a few things to say.

"The future is looking exceptionally bright lately," she wrote in another tweet, with another containing two hashtags, 'So Blessed' and 'So Happy.'

While the reference to the "employer" seemed like an obvious reference to MTV, where she's under contract until April. However, the "toxic friends" remark had some people criticizing the reality star over her life choices.

"Wise words coming from someone who would not take that advice herself," tweeted one fan. "Why dish advice, you would not even listen to yourself? You constantly surround yourself with toxic people and live a very negative and toxic life and your kids are the ones who have to suffer for it."

"Interesting that you seem to think it's OK for your husband to treat you this way, but not other family members, 'toxic friends' or employers, wrote another. "I hold my husband to a higher standard than my employer, but hey, maybe that's just me."

"Don't ever let or stay with a man who beats you, yells at your children or kills your pets," wrote a third, adding simply "trainwreck."

Last Monday, Evans told Us Weekly that she and Eason were "not together as of now."


While there's a long storied history between Evans and Eason, things got particularly heated back in May when it was reported that Eason killed Evans' French bulldog, Nugget, for allegedly snapping at one of their kids. Regardless, Evans has been frank about how she and Eason have come to share a space together for the sake of their family.