'Teen Mom 2': Jenelle Evans Claims She Hasn't Returned Because of This Co-Star

Jenelle Evans isn't on Teen Mom 2 anymore, but she still has plenty to say about her former co-stars. Most recently, Evans took aim at Kailyn Lowry for something that allegedly took place between them when the former was fired from Teen Mom 2. According to Evans, Lowry may be one of the reasons why she's no longer featured on the MTV show.

The Hollywood Gossip reported that this situation was sparked after Evans posted a video on YouTube in which she addressed an interview that Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus recently gave. In the interview, DeJesus said that Lowry has never invited her on her podcast, despite the fact that the mom-of-four did invite Evans on it when they weren't on great terms with one another. Evans said that she was unclear about the drama between the current Teen Mom 2 stars, but it did prompt her to recount how Lowry invited her on her podcast once upon a time.

Evans claimed that she was still in contact with a Teen Mom 2 producer shortly after she was fired and replaced by Jade Cline. She alleged that the producer asked her to continue sending in footage of her new life in Nashville (Evans moved to Nashville following a brief split from her husband, David Eason). The former reality star said, "I don't know why they were doing that. I said, 'Are you guys interested in bringing me back?'" Evans said that the producer did not give her an answer on that front. She continued, "After about a week of me sending videos back and forth with my old producer, he asked me, "Will you go on Kail's podcast?'"

Evans added, "And I said 'For what? Are you going to have me on for ratings and then take me right off? Are you going to reintroduce me to the show? Like what are your intentions behind this?" She claimed that they asked her to go on the podcast to "squash things" with Lowry. Ultimately, she agreed to go on the podcast on the condition that Lowry would apologize to her.


"She basically was up for it at first, but then ultimately she told my old producer no, she said 'I'm not doing that' so I said 'OK, then I'm not going on her podcast, I'm sorry,'" Evans claimed. "I'm not trying to be stubborn about making up with Kail. Maybe one day I would, but I would like to sit down with her and have a one on one conversation with no cameras, no social media, with no podcast. That's it." The former Teen Mom 2 star claimed that after the podcast appearance fell out, the producer stopped asking her for updates. Evans said that she was alright with this, as she needed "time to heal" after being on TV. As Teen Mom fans know, Evans has not appeared on Teen Mom 2 since she was fired from the program in 2019. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.