'Teen Mom 2': Jade Cline Reveals How She Truly Felt After Surgery

In the previous episode of Teen Mom 2, Jade Cline traveled to Florida to undergo a plastic surgery makeover. Her makeover involved getting a Brazilian butt lift (BBL), which involved doctors taking fat from other areas in her body to insert in the buttocks and chest regions. Months after she got the surgical procedure done, Cline is opening up about what the process was really like.

In early June, Cline engaged in a Q and A session with her fans on Instagram, per The Sun. One of her fans asked her what the pain was like on a scale from one to ten (with ten being the worst). The Teen Mom 2 star replied that her pain was off the charts, as she said that it was a 20. Cline also answered several other questions about the procedure, including one that inquired whether she paid for the surgery herself. (She noted that she did.)

While Cline was happy with the outcome of the surgical procedure, she did admit that "recovery went way different" than what she was expecting. She also said that because of the difficult nature of her recovery from her BBL surgery, she's hesitant about going under the knife again in the future. The MTV personality said, when asked whether she would get more plastic surgery done, "I don't know, it definitely was a rough process and I'm not sure if I would want to go through something like that again LOL." Cline didn't just receive questions from her fans. One of her followers let her know that they have so much "respect" for Cline for being open and honest about getting her plastic surgery procedure done. In turn, the reality star said that she's simply focusing on what makes her happy at the end of the day.


"Yeah it's not that big of a deal," Cline replied. "Not ashamed of it. My body my choice. As long as I'm happy and healthy, that's all that matters." Ahead of the Teen Mom 2 premiere, Cline spoke with PopCulture.com about getting her surgery done. She shared that she was in quite a "vulnerable" place after the surgery and that her recovery was captured on camera for the MTV series. Even though the camera caught her at some of her "absolute worst points," she's glad that the experience was captured for the show so that others can have a better idea of what to expect if they're eager to get the same procedure done. Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by ViacomCBS Streaming, a division of ViacomCBS.