'Teen Mom 2' Fans Have Thoughts on Kailyn Lowry Confronting Leah Messer for Allegedly Joining a 'Cult'

Teen Mom 2 fans are speaking out after Kailyn Lowry's comments about Leah Messer reportedly joining a cult. Lowry took to Twitter Friday to clear up rumors she had confronted her co-star about the reports, saying that while she came to her with words of concern, the conversation did not put their friendship at risk.

The comments arrived after a Radar Online report claimed their relationship was "on the rocks."

Fans of the MTV series were shocked by the comments, with some finding out about the cult rumors for the first time in that moment. Others simply took the opportunity to criticize both of the reality television personalities.

"Reading this, this is one of the first times I am actually impressed with her. Preventing other moms from getting caught up in this, despite the friendship, is the right thing to do," one user commented, commending Lowry for advocating for her friend.

"Thank god!! You guys have a awesome friendship and don't need to lose it over some cult stuff [laughing out loud]," another user wrote.

"I have issues with Kail (anti vaxer) but she's a great mom otherwise & honestly she has a smart head on her shoulders. She's too smart to get fooled like poor Leah. Leah's lucky to have Kail," another user wrote.

"Just read the Radar article. I think what you did was brave, Kail. Friends can disagree on things (especially religions/cults) and still be friends. I hope more people just inform themselves before joining," another fan commented.

"Yup! Friends can still remain friends even if they don't agree on every thing," another fan wrote.

"I love Leah but Im very worried for her. Who in the hell got her involved in this anyways? And why wasn't it addressed on the podcast? I think everyone was hoping she could clear it up a little or at least help us understand wtf she is doing," another user reflected.

A report from the outlet claimed in October that Messer joined Mastery in Transformational Training, which has been accused of being a cult. Messer had reportedly started contacting fans on the phone and via Instagram Live to ask if they were interested in joining the group.


MITT is linked to Lifespring training, which was previously owned by John Hanley. His training has allegedly led to the deaths of six people. There are three MITT training sessions, or levels, with costs around $495, $1,195 and $1,595 each.