'Teen Mom 2' Fans Think Leah Messer and Ex-Husband Jeremy Calvert Are Back Together

It looks like Leah Messer and her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert might be back together, judging by a [...]

It looks like Leah Messer and her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert might be back together, judging by a recent tweet from the official Teen Mom 2 account. The post featured a GIF of Messer and Calvert hugging tightly outside of a car, with a big smile on Calvert's face. Now, fans are speculating about what might be coming this season.

"Do we think something is happening here?" The official Teen Mom 2 Twitter account asked fans on Tuesday night.

The GIF showed a moment from Tuesday night's premiere, but the clip came from a teaser trailer for Teen Mom 2 that was released last month. In it, Messer could be seen apparently getting flirty with Calvert, insinuating that they might try to rekindle their romance.

In one shot, she sat beside Calvert on a park bench, smiling and flipping her hair over her shoulder as if she were flirting with him. It then cut to the shot from the GIF, where the two had a prolonged embrace outside of a car.

Producers are clearly leading fans toward the conclusion that Messer and Calvert have something new going on. Most seemed in favor of the idea, replying with encouragement son Twitter.

"We sure hope something is happening!" one fan tweeted with a string of crying emojis. "Just get back together already please!!"

"I hope so, I see sparks flying again... lol," added another. "Get back together and get married and have another Addy... lol."

"I have to say yes. I wouldn't be mad though," a third person wrote with a heart emoji.

Many users tagged Messer and Calvert in their replies, appealing directly to the couple to get back together.

"You two have chemistry! Don't deny it lol!" one wrote.

On the flip side, some fans were not interested. One tweeted that the GIF looked like "just [a] supportive hug," and another speculated that the whole story was "manufactured" by the producers.

"Didn't work out the first time, and when the show tried to manufacture your last 'will they, won't they,' what's going to be different now?" they tweeted. "Please have some respect for yourself, family, and fans and stay away. You don't have to force a relationship all the time."

Messer and Calvert first got together in 2011, but at the time Messer was indecisive about who she wanted to be in a relationship with. Before long, the two were married, and they had a daughter together in February of 2013 — Messer's third. The two divorced in Season 6 of Teen Mom 2, but now it looks like they are not done with each other yet.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on MTV.