'Teen Mom 2' Fans Lash out at Jenelle Evans After She Gets New Dog Following Nugget's Death

Teen Mom 2 fans are lashing out at Jenelle Evans, after the reality TV revealed that she recently got a new dog for her kids, following the controversial death of her last pup, Nugget. In a tweet, Evans shared a link to the announcement on her blog, along with a photo of her kids holding onto their new pet.

"Since everyone's asking... here's our 'new' pet," she explained, also sharing that the pup's name is Rosey. The news is not sitting well with many on Twitter, as a number of people are sharing their disapproval and concern.

"Hopefully you teach your children about dog boundaries. Like you don't put your face in a dogs face and expect them not to bite. Hugging and hovering over a dog is very intrusive. Not all dogs are comfortable with these things," one user wrote.

"Keep her away from David is all I will say. Also please teach your kids not to grab or hold a dog by the neck. This can upset the dog and cause them to NIP. We sure do not want Rosie to end up like Nugget," tweeted another user.

"How are they even allowed to own, much less purchase more, 'pets?' I cant even stand to look at this picture because I know it will last longer than that adorable dog," chided someone else. "And they still haven't taught the girl how to properly interact with a dog. This makes me so mad."


"If you would have done a little research at all about puppy mills and breeders then you would have learned that the Amish people are known to have puppy mills and keep their dogs in horrid living conditions," commented one more critic.

At this time, Evans does not appear to have responded to the critical comments.