'Teen Mom 2' Alum David Eason Under Fire for Latest Video of Daughter Ensley With 'Gentle, Loving' Dog

Former Teen Mom 2 star is under fire from animal lovers yet again. The ex-husband of Jenelle Evans shared a series of videos of his daughter Ensley with a dog named Junior, hugging him around the neck and showering him with kisses. In the caption, Eason — who has been accused of animal cruelty — claimed that this is how dogs "should" behave.

Eason had many scandals during his time as Evans' husband, but his treatment of dogs may be the most infamous. In May of last year, Eason admitted he shot and killed Evans' dog, Peanut, claiming he had nipped at 2-year-old Ensley's face.

Since then, fans have wanted Eason far away from animals of all kinds — especially dog-lovers. That was why fans were so distraught about Evans adopting a new dog last week, when she was seen shopping for pet supplies with Eason.

On Sunday morning, Eason doubled down by sharing new videos of Ensley with a fully-grown dog wearing a studded collar. The dog, Junior, appeared to be a shepherd of some kind, yet he sat placidly while Ensley rained love and affection on him.

"Dogs are meant to be loved on, kissed in the face and tolerant of children's behavior. Junior is such a gentle, loving boy like all dogs should be!" Eason wrote.

Fans were seriously put off by this assertion, and the implications that came with it. Many commenters took it as a form of justification from Eason, as if he were explaining away his alleged shooting of Peanut.

"Wrong. Dogs are meant to be treated with respect and given appropriate boundaries. Children should be kind and respectful of a dogs space," wrote one person.

"Fathers are meant to show love to everyone (including animals) in their household- something you know nothing about. Fathers are role models- not dictators. Go learn some parenting skills and then preach," added another.

"Entitlement much? Dogs are not robots. they are meant to be respected... something you obviously still haven't taught your daughter... Just look how uncomfortable that dog is! [You're] forcing that dog to do things its uncomfortable with and your kids gonna get bit again... And you will have nobody but yourself to blame," commented a third.

"How should a dog be tolerant of a child's behaviour? It surely depends on what the child is doing. Dogs (like humans) have boundaries and it's the parents responsibility to teach their child this," yet another person added.

A few commenters did come to Eason's defense, however, including some who thought he had acted decisively with Peanut.


"I'm curious what everyone thinks happens to a dog when it bites someone and is reported? It's killed if you didn't know," one such a person wrote.

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