'Teen Mom 2' Alum David Eason Is 'Missing' Daughter Ensley Amid Heated Divorce With Jenelle Evans

David Eason has taken issue with his ex Jenelle Evans over their 2-year-old daughter, Ensley, on Instagram. The Teen Mom 2 star posted a video of his daughter along with the caption "I miss my baby more than she could ever imagine and I know she misses me too! I would give anything to take her hunting again right now."

In the comments on the post, one Instagram user stated, "Everyone was made at Jenelle for staying with an animal abuser because he could turn on one of their children. Now everyone's mad that she left and listened to the advice."

Eason replied to the comment, writing that, "It's people just like you! Think you know what you're talking about when you have no idea."

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A few hours later, another user asked if Evans had reached out to Eason's 11-year-old daughter, Maryssa. "I've got a stepdaughter and I will always be there for her regardless. You know she has to feel abandoned as well. She's a beautiful girl David make sure to give her some extra love and attention."

The reality TV alum also commented back, stating simply "Maryssa never received one single ounce of attention, why would she now?"

The couple had a rather contentious split last month, much of which was documented on social media. That same month, Eason took Ensley on a hunting trip and documented the event on the social media site. This included pictures of Ensley holding a dead squirrel with a rifle leaning against a tree in the background. Naturally, it set off a debate in the comments section, sparking concerns over gun control and child safety.

In December of last year, Eason posted a video of him firing a rifle with a bump stock with a caption that read, "They will say I've gone off the deep end just wait for it!" He also included hashtags for Trump and MAGA, among others. The post ended with Eason receiving a visit from the Secret Service.


While the couple seemed to have a problematic relationship, it wasn't until Eason shot and killed the family's French bulldog, Nugget, after it allegedly nipped at Ensley's face. The incident ended with Evens being fired from Teen Mom 2 as well as the temporary loss of her children.

Evans is currently reconnecting with fellow Teen Mom 2 alum Nathan Griffith, who said the two are in a "healthy relationship" despite their pasts.