'Teen Mom 2': Chelsea Houska Mom-Shamed for Letting Daughter Wear This Accessory to School

Chelsea Houska is facing backlash from the mom-shaming fashion police after 9-year-old daughter Aubree wore hoop earrings and lipstick on her first day of school, a move some deemed "too old" for the young girl.

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"Okay what the heck. She can stop looking so grown up now," Houska wrote alongside a photo of Aubree rocking funky striped hoops and what could be a natural-looking lip color. "She was OBSESSED with these earrings and wanted to wear lipstick this morning. Where'd my baby go?!"

Commenters were quick to weigh in on the reality personality's daughter, with one writing, "To young for those earrings (sic)," as first noted by InTouch Weekly.

Another chimed in, "Beautiful but the earrings have to go. She's still little."

"She still is your baby," another scolded. "You can say no to the lipstick and earrings. Why are parents afraid to be parents? Most parents want to be 'friends'!!! You're their parents first!!!"

Others stood up for Houska, saying that Aubree's fashion choices were harmless.

"Lady you need to mind your own damn business," one defender responded. "She has a natural color lipstick on relax. She isn't popping out to school in bright blue lipstick. They are a pair of earrings. She isn't in danger nor will she bc of a pair of EARRINGS!! and that's what matters."

Another added, "She isn't your child so let HER parents decide. Just because Chelsea allows something that you would not, doesn't mean she's not parenting. I don't allow my child to wear dangly earrings, but I'm sure there are things I do allow mine to do that Chelsea (or you) would say no to. It doesn't make any of us wrong or a bad parent."


Many of Houska's followers wondered why everyone was so worked up over a child's earrings in the first place, with one wondering, "All these people making a fuss over some earrings. Like there aren't bigger problems in the world [laughing out loud]."

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