'Teen Mom 2' Star Chelsea Houska Will 'Definitely' Have More Kids With Husband Cole DeBoer

Teen Mom 2 fans watched Monday as Chelsea Houska gave birth to her third child, daughter Layne Ettie, alongside husband Cole DeBoer. Well, it might not be the last delivery room scene they get to see from the new mom!

"We definitely want more kids—at least one—but I think we're going to wait probably a little farther than the last two babies," the MTV personality told E! News Tuesday. "Maybe when she's 2, we'll start thinking about it. But there will be more."

That being said, the new mom is relishing the first days of little Layne's life after giving birth on her own birthday and August.

"I feel like [baby Layne] is like Cole. I think Aubree is like me and Watson and Layne are like Cole," Houska continued to the outlet."She's very laid back. She's easy, she's smiley, she's chill, very chill."

With 2-year-old Watson and 9-year-old Aubree at home, Houska and DeBoer definitely have their hands full, although the MTV mom insists her oldest is more help than extra work.

"Oh my gosh! I honestly think that she makes life so much easier," Houska explained. "Having Aubree's help has been amazing. She loves helping. She plays with her brother when I need her to. She can get his little boots on or something when we're heading out the door so she's been amazing."

DeBoer is certainly no slouch as a dad either!

"I mean, Cole is just great all around," Houska gushed of her husband. "I'm more of the laid-back parent and he's definitely more paranoid and worried all the time, which is funny because it's usually the mom but I mean, he's so helpful. He changes diapers. He gets in there. He does it all."

In the upcoming rest of Teen Mom 2's season, fans will witness Houska as she adjusts to life with three kids, but will also get a glimpse of some troubles with Aubree's biological dad, Adam Lind, with whom she has been having custody issues.

"I definitely have my own opinion and my own opinion on things, but I have to try my best not to put my feelings out on her," Houska said of watching episodes back in which Lind did not make his scheduled visits with Aubree. "He's still her dad. She still has her own feelings about it so I kind of have to keep my feelings to myself and let her have her own little opinion."

She continued, "I'm proud of her for being so mature but it's not even something a kid should have to deal with but I think that we've always been so open with her and let her accept her feelings and try to explain things to her as best as we can."


Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: Instagram/Chelsea Houska