‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Discovers She Has a Secret Sibling

Briana DeJesus' family just got a little bit bigger. The Teen Mom 2 star revealed that she had a "secret" brother that only learned about in recent months. The family drama played out through social media, and fans can hardly believe it.

DeJesus shared the story of her bizarre family secret on Twitter this week. The reality star got online on Wednesday to tell fans about the little brother she did not know she had.

"Story time on how I found I had a brother?????" she tweeted, then corrected herself by adding: "have."

DeJesus shared a brief synopsis of the tale on Twitter. It began last year when the 25-year-old posted a photo of her parents on Instagram. A teenager sent her a message saying that he was related to her. After a bit of detective work, DeJesus flew to New York City to meet him.

"Obviously I had some concerns because I wasn't sure but all receipts show that he is indeed my brother from my dad's side," DeJesus told In Touch Weekly in a follow-up interview on the story.

That first fateful message from her 14-year-old brother reportedly said: "My father has a son, and he's your brother." DeJesus was "shookth," she said, but could not pass the story up.

"I was shocked but so happy to find out," she said.

"I flew to NYC a few times to be with him and he's such a cute boy," she went on. "So sweet. He also has two sisters and I also love them! They are so much fun to hang out with. We went to Dave and Busters for our first meet up."

As she noted in the tweet, DeJesus confirmed that she is still in contact with her little brother and his family. They have plans to spend more time together in the future, including a meet-up in DeJesus' native Florida soon.

"We talk often," she said. "He and his sisters are coming to Florida for his B-day."

DeJesus did not keep the new brother all to herself, either. She was happy to report that her sister, Brittany and even her mother, Roxanne "welcomed him with open arms."

"They are excited to meet him when he comes to Florida," she added.

DeJesus' kids will be meeting their new uncle as well.

"Both the kids know about him. Nova is excited to have an uncle," she said.


Still, DeJesus said that she will not be introducing her brother to her fans, and he won't be showing up on Teen Mom 2 either.

"We decided to keep his identity private," she said. "It was a little scary at first because I wasn't sure if he'd like me, but we clicked right off the bat and I'm happy for that."