'Teen Mom 2' Alum Jenelle Evans Tells Her Followers Not to Believe 'Random Accounts' Amid David Eason Split

Jenelle Evans has a message for her followers amid her legal drama with David Eason. The Teen Mom 2 alum took to Twitter Monday to add-on to a previous message about her fans listening to rumors and "fake accounts" seemingly revealing details on her split with her estranged husband.

"Don't believe any of these random lies from fake accounts. Thanks! [upside down smiley face]," she wrote on her first message on Saturday.

She returned Monday with a followup message to fans where she reiterated that all information about her breakup, and the court hearings are only accurate if it comes from her.

Fans quickly replied to Evans' message, some criticizing her for worrying about how people perceive her online on the day she was supposed to meet Eason in court for the first time since they split up.

"Good God. Go to court already. Maybe Judge Hankins will throw you another bone. Grow up and worry about your kids and not SM drama you encouraged and participated in until it didn't suit your narrative!" One user commented.

"Good luck in court this morning! You don't have to see David, do you? If so, stay safe, and bring support with you!" Another supportive commented said.

"There's absolutely not one thing I ever read about you that I can say 'no, jebelle(sic) would never' so I'm gonna take this with a grain of salt," another user wrote.

"It's ironic that you deep down havent(sic) really changed since your first appearance on teen mom. Always drama, always lies, always looking to place blame. You make it hard to be a fan," another fan commented.

It's been an eventful week for Eason and Evans. The duo reunited in court in Nashville, Tennessee, for a hearing where a judge extended the reality star's restraining order for a couple more weeks, with sources telling Radar they plan on getting witnesses to testify against Eason to keep custody of 2-year-old Ensley solely in Evans' hands.

Evans reportedly moved to Nashville after leaving Eason, along with her children Ensley, Kaiser whom she shares with Nathan Griffith, and son Jace whom she shares with ex Andrew Lewis.


Eason has been staying away from his estranged wife and the children, though he has spoken on social media about the separation. He said he never loved Evans in one post, and also admitted he misses Ensley and Kaiser.