'Teen Mom 2' Alum Jenelle Evans Reveals She Adopted a New Dog

Jenelle Evans is introducing her new dog after the Teen Mom 2 alum was spotted buying a dog bed and food alongside estranged husband David Eason in North Caroline Tuesday. Taking to her blog, Evans revealed she had adopted a Goldendoodle named Rosey when she first moved to Tennessee in November after announcing she had separated from Eason.

"When I arrived I wanted to make the kids feel as comfortable as possible. I thought the best way to do this was to buy a dog," she wrote. "Yes, I know what you're thinking, 'Jenelle is crazy!' Sometimes I have the best ideas, and sometimes I don't. This idea turned out to be a good one."

After researching breeds, Evans said she settled on Goldendoodle puppies due to their "super friendly" and "extremely playful" nature, as well as their ability to be trained as therapy dogs to help with anxiety.

"We met the Craigslist lady at a public store. When I looked in her back seat it was filled with 6-8 Goldendoodle puppies!" she continued. "I was melting onto the parking lot. The kids ended up choosing a female and she was a dark red color. We ended up naming her Rosey!"

Back at their Airbnb, 2-year-old daughter Ensley and 5-year-old son Kaiser "couldn't stop cuddling" with their new pup, Evans recalled.

"She seemed to be shy at first but warmed up very quickly. Fast forward until now, Rosey is 6 months old and a really hyper puppy," she continued. "She is full of energy and it matches the kids personalities perfectly. She loves walks and when she sees water she can't stop playing. Rosey is a joy to our family."

The MTV star added, "Even though this was a very fast decision to get a new dog and at a tough time in my life, I'm happy I did!"


Evans' dog adoption was not received with excitement from fans, many of whom pointed out Eason admitted to killing the couple's French bulldog, Nugget, back in May after the pup allegedly nipped at Ensley.

Photo credit: Getty Images