'Teen Mom 2' Airs Jenelle Evans Accusing Husband David Eason of Assault

Teen Mom 2 ended on a dark note Monday as the episode came to a close with audio of Jenelle Evans' October call to 911 accusing husband David Eason of assaulting her.

"When MTV cameras were not present, Jenelle made the following call to her local police," a placard read in the final moments of the show.

"My name is Jenelle Eason and my husband, he just assaulted me," the sound of a sobbing Evans then played as she called 911. "He pinned me down on the ground, and I think i heard my f—ing collarbone crack. And I can't move my arm."

When asked for more details by the operator, she explained of Eason, "He is here at the house and has been drinking. And I think that he got violent 'cause he was drinking."

When asked if her husband had any weapons in the house, she replied, "I don't know what he had, but I have four kids with me at the house right now, and they're all sleeping. I don't know what to do."

Teen Mom 2 viewers will have to wait to see the fallout from the incident play, but Evans has previously tried to explain away the call as being a drunken mistake in an interview with Us Weekly.

"We had friends over and we had a bonfire and I tripped over a hole, and me and David were in the middle of arguing about something … I went and fell down, David wouldn't catch me, he tripped over the hole and we both fell down together," she told the outlet in January. "And right after it happened, we filmed about it and I was open and honest."

"I totally understand that. I was like, dude, I was drunk and when I get drunk, sometimes, I cry for no reason. I mean I was hurt, I'm not gonna lie about that," Evans added. "Yeah, I hurt my shoulder. But I went to the doctor afterwards and it's just a sprain and I was fine."

"Everyone's like, 'Oh, what's Jenelle's story? Oh, she's hiding it.' No, I'm not hiding it. CPS came to my house, they interviewed me, they know the story. My lawyer knows. Everybody knows except for the public," she added.

Earlier in Monday's episode, Eason confronted MTV producers for filming with his daughter, 2-year-old Ensley, after he was fired in 2018 for going on a homophobic rant.

"If you continue to film with Ensley, I'll come there and ruin the whole shoot," co-executive producer Kristen read from Eason's texts to her. "You're not gonna push me out of my own life and make me miss my child's most memorable experiences. You should be ashamed of yourselves, all of you."

Evans laughed off the texts as her husband's attempt to mess with production, but did seem upset at the interaction

We'll just have to wait until next week to see how everything plays out.


Teen Mom 2 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

Photo credit: MTV