'Sweet Home Sextuplets' Family's Car Problems Derail Their Wedding Plans in Exclusive Preview

If getting six babies ready for their roles as flower girls and ring bearers in a friend's wedding wasn't stressful enough, Courtney Waldrop has an even bigger surprise waiting for her in the car. PopCulture.com has an exclusive sneak peek of Sweet Home Sextuplets ahead of the TLC series' all-new episode Tuesday, in which everything goes wrong at the last minute when the mother of nine realizes the car battery is completely dead.

With friends Emily and Valerie wrangling the toddlers, getting them in matching outfits for the occasion, there's already more than enough going on. "It is always chaotic getting the babies ready to go somewhere, but this, we have to be at this wedding," Emily says, with Valerie chiming in, "There is no ifs, ands or buts about it. They have to be ready. You can't say, 'Hold on, bride.'"

Courtney is already feeling the pressure, saying it's her "biggest fear" showing up to the wedding late and being the reason for anything to be delayed. With the sextuplets' things packed, including four bows, three pairs of tights, three jeans, three dresses, six denim jackets for girls, three denim jackets for boys and six sets of boots, the crew is almost ready to hit the road, until Courtney hits a snag warming up the car.

"Hey, my car will not crank. It will not crank at all," she frantically tells her friends, who rush out to see what's wrong. "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. Like, this cannot be happening. But, I don't wanna fully panic because maybe it's a fixable problem," she continues.

The problem might be fixable, as Emily determines the battery is dead, but it might not be something that can be fixed within the time frame — and the massive crew can't exactly fit in any old vehicle. With husband Eric off at a job site, Courtney pleads with him to rush home and jump the car, but he's already too far away.


"If we don't make it to this wedding, I'm afraid Courtney will hold this over her head forever," Emily worries to the camera as the women scramble to make things work. Valerie agrees at the high stakes, saying Courtney will be convinced she "ruined" the wedding if they can't get there soon.

Will all the Waldrops manage to make the wedding? Or will the bride be left without her flower girls and ring bearers? Sweet Home Sextuplets airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC. For more from PopCulture on TLC's latest shows, click here.