'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' Double Tribal Tests Alliances New and Old

Tribal lines are done for after Survivor: Edge of Extinction's crazy council last week, and surprising alliances are being formed and broken as the castaways wheeled and dealed their way through a double elimination.

In Wednesday's all-new episode of the CBS competition show, the remaining castaways scrambled to find safety in numbers after Kama powerhouse Julia Carter was taken out in a shocking change of plans.

After Aurora McCreary helped reveal the presence of multiple plans within former Kama during last week's epic tribal, she was noticeably absent from any secret meetings with her fellow competitors, which left her desperate for an immunity challenge win to avoid an easy elimination in the upcoming tribal.

"Somehow it all went to hell, I literally put my foot in my mouth and possibly ruined my game," she told the camera before toughing out a win over David Wright to secure herself an immunity idol and peace of mind.

With the alliance of six initially agreeing to hang strong, it was a tough loss for David, who along with Rick Devens and Victoria Baamonde, were easy targets on the outside. Strong allies Devens and David, meanwhile, were testing the waters with bringing in Aurora, Vic, Julie Rosenberg and Ron Clark to get rid of Dan "Wardog" DaSilva, who has been controlling recent votes alongside fellow former Lesu Kelley Wentworth and Lauren O'Connell.

After hearing the pitch, Julie admitted she wasn't "100 percent committed" to her original six, saying that Wardog's control of the vote "does not sit well with [her]."

Ron agreed, telling the camera he thought Wardog could win it all if he got to the final three, but wasn't sure he wanted to get in bed with "sneaky" David.

"Together we can flip the game on its head," Julie admitted of her and Ron's decision, "but we have to be on the same page."

In the end, Ron and Julie sided with the six they knew, sending David to Extinction Island for a chance to claw his way back into the game.

With David out of the game (for now), Devens, Vic and Aurora were in desperate need of the next immunity challenge win — and with an advantage sent by David from Extinction Island, Devens walked away safe from the next elimination.

Taking out Aurora would be an "easy" move, Wardog admitted, but as things come down to the final three, he was ready to take out his longtime alliance partner, Kelley, quickly getting Lauren, Devens, Vic and Aurora on board. Ron was a bit tougher of a sell, weighing his nerves around working with the flip-flopper Wardog with his feelings about Aurora.

In the end, Ron decided to take out the threat of the returning player, sending Kelley to Extinction Island in a blindside that took her totally by surprise.

Survivor airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.


Photo credit: CBS