'Storage Wars' Couple Unknowingly Buys Farrah Fawcett's Items

Storage Wars stars Rene and Casey Nezhoda said they unknowingly bought a storage unit used by the late Farrah Fawcett, and now the items are part of an ongoing legal battle between her nephew Greg Walls and the trustee of Fawcett's estate.

On Nov. 28, the Nezhodas published a YouTube video in which they said they bought lockers previously owned by Fawcett for $3,500. They told The Blast they received a tip on the units, but her lawyers took "most of the good stuff" before the lockers were signed away to the storage facility.

They "had the lawyer call me and ask what I thought value was, I told them less than $5k. The lawyers took everything," Nezhoda told The Blast. "I bought several celebrity lockers in the past and this is the first one we lost money on."

Nezhoda said a Storage Wars episode was filmed, but after they realized most of the valuable stuff was already taken, the find was no longer appealing. He told The Blast he is not sure the episode will ever air. All that was left in the unit was movie wardrobes, monogram clothing and stuff bought for Fawcett's son.

According to documents obtained by The Blast, Walls claims the trustee of Fawcett's estate, her former business manager Richard B. Francis, and her longtime partner Ryan O'Neal received a tip from a friend of Fawcett's on the details of what was in the lockers. Walls claimed in his lawsuit against them they they "cherry picked" Fawcett's belongings before letting the lockers go to the storage unit owners.

In the documents, Walls said he was named the beneficiary in Fawcett's will and should have received "all other household articles and personal effects of [Fawcett,] including but not limited to, jewellery, household furniture and furnishings and vehicles." He also claims Fawcett left him $500,00.

The estate hired Fawcett's friend, who Walls claims he later found out was a friend of Francis and O'Neal, to organize what Fawcett had in the lockers. Walls believes the friend was acting on behalf of Francis and O'Neal, not the estate. He also accused O'Neal of harassing him to get more items out of the lockers, so he decided to move the belongings he knew about to Houston, Texas. Walls then found out about the other lockers in Vista, California and was told it was only "junk." However, Walls believes O'Neal and Francis really took out the most valuable items for themselves.

Walls accused Francis of breaching "the fiduciary duty he owed to the Trust" and asked Francis be removed as a trustee. He wants the items "wrongfully" taken back and an injunction against anyone who owns property he believes should be owned by the Fawcett estate.


Fawcett, who starred on the first season of Charlie's Angels, died in 2009 at age 62 after a battle with anal cancer. She was survived by her son, Redmond O'Neal.

Photo credit: Fotos International/Frank Edwards/Getty Images