'Southern Charm' Star Shep Rose Deletes Twitter After Apology for Mocking Woman Collecting Cans

Southern Charm's Shep Rose is taking time off from social media, deleting his Twitter account [...]

Southern Charm's Shep Rose is taking time off from social media, deleting his Twitter account after saying he would "take a little break" after posting a video mocking a woman collecting cans in the East Village on Instagram earlier this week.

Rose came under fire after posting a video of a woman on his Instagram Story during a night out, telling the woman, "Look at me, nice cans! I mean, the cans you have!"

On the video, he wrote, "I love double entendres. Yes she was camera shy. But she laughed."

When confronted about his mocking the woman on Twitter, Rose doubled down on several occasions, including to one person complaining to Bravo and Andy Cohen about the "disgusting" video of the reality personality "drunkenly harassing a woman on the street."

Rose responded, "Always get a chuckle when people try to send me to the principles office (sic). I bet you were a scream in high school!"

To another critic, he wrote, "[Oh my God]. I offended you! Ok. Here's the plan, sensitivity training 5 times a week. Then intensive therapy (hot yoga?) followed by a public flogging in the town square. Then I move to Siberia and live in an igloo for 4 months. At this point. I think I'll be cleansed of your disapproval."

Tuesday, Rose appeared to think twice about his response, tweeting, "I know some people were upset about the video from Sunday night. It was a stupid joke and bad idea all around. Also a bit out of context. I spent a few minutes with her talking and telling jokes. She laughed a little. But Yeah, wasn't cool or funny. Mea culpa."

It still wasn't enough for fans, however, who noted that the apology didn't seem quite sincere. Thursday, Rose took a second pass at making amends, deactivating his Twitter after writing, "I feel absolutely sick about all that's transpired this week."

"I've compounded stupidity upon stupidity," he continued. "Just know that I never intended to hurt anyone. And I do enjoy sharing my adventures and thoughts with you. But I blew it. Anyway, gonna take a little break. And look inward."

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Photo credit: Donna Ward/Getty Images