'sMothered' Stars Sunhe and Angelica Confronted About Their 'Odd' Bond by Boyfriend Jason in Exclusive Preview

Sunhe and Angelica aren't changing their close mother-daughter bond for anyone, not even their significant others! In a PopCulture exclusive preview of Sunday's all-new episode of sMothered, Sunhe's fiancé Brett and Angelica's boyfriend Jason confront the pair about how tightly-bonded they are, which leaves little room for a romantic relationship.

When Brett asks how Angelica at 32 is unwilling to part with her mom, despite asking him to move away from his children in Omaha, she turns the criticism her mom has leveled at her beau on her future stepfather, saying he hasn't "really done much" for Sunhe. Her mother agrees, telling the camera, "It makes me feel like I'm secondary and that I'm not his number one priority. And that's something I'm gonna have to deal with."

Jason then flips the script, saying that all the conversations about the men in their lives haven't addressed how Sunhe and Angelica's own relationship plays a role in what's going on. "I knew going in that you two were close, but I find it a little odd how close you guys actually are," he says. "Some of this is private."

Being told to "get over it" by Sunhe, Brett chimes in that the two simply have "a bond that can never be broken." But Jason has a far more negative view of what's going on. "At this point in time, they fill their own void, it seems," Jason says.

When Brett asks his fiancée if she had ever considered her daughter would form a serious romantic relationship in her life, he's shocked at her response that things were just "supposed to be Angelica and myself." Jason chimes in incredulously, "Forever just you two?" to which Sunhe snaps, "It's always been us two. It's not gonna change because you're in the picture or that you're in the picture as well. It's Angelica and I."

As for Angelica's view on everything, she tells the camera, "My mom and I have never been, secretive about how close we are. We've been very up front, about our bond. So if it's becoming an issue now, it shouldn't be."


Sunhe adds of their romantic partners: "We choose to be with them. It's a choice that we both make. But if we choose not to, then that's also our choice as well." Turning to Jason, she reminds him, "We've always been together and that's the way it's gonna remain. If you have a problem with that and you don't like that, you know where you can go. I can make this even more difficult for you. So don't mess with me."

For more of Sunhe and Angelica's struggle to balance their bond with their beaus, don't miss the new episode of sMothered, airing on TLC on Sunday at 10 p.m. ET. For more from PopCulture on TLC's latest programming, click here.