'sMothered' Mom Sunhe Reveals She Co-Sleeps With Angelica's Daughter in Exclusive Sneek Peek

Sunhe is turning her smothering tendencies into "grandsmothering" when it comes to granddaughter Amara. Angelica reveals in a PopCulture.com exclusive sneak peek of Monday's all-new episode of sMothered on TLC that her mom co-sleeps with her daughter, and considers herself more a mother than a grandmother.

"My mom and Amara have been co-sleeping together since she was born," Angelica tells the camera, as Sunhe gushes, "I love every minute of Amara and I co-sleeping." Angelica continues of her daughter, "She likes to be spooned," as Sunhe demonstrates the little girl asking for cuddles from her "Gamma." While some families might consider this sleeping arrangement unusual, Angelica has no problem with her mom's co-sleeping. 

"Amara sleeping with my mom is perfectly fine. I don't see anything wrong with it," she tells the camera. "Babies sleep better with the people they love." Sunhe adds of her close relationship with her granddaughter, "I don't just feel like I'm Amara's Gamma. I'm her mother, her friend ... her mother." Angelica has noticed the close relationship forming, saying that her mom "often says, 'Come here to Mama, I mean, Gamma,'" when talking to her child. "Not all the time, but sometimes," she adds, as Sunhe admits, "It slips." Angelica insists, "When it's Amara, there's one mama," but Sunhe chimes in, "I disagree. I disagree."

Also returning for this season of sMothered are Cher and Dawn; Christina and Kathy; and Lauren and Lisa. New to the TLC show this season are mother-daughter duos Paula and Francia; Shay and Angie; and Ashley and Cathy. Paula and Francis believe in no such thing as boundaries as daughter Paula tries to keep her youthful mother on track and to herself, especially after learning Francia is planning to adopt her niece from Colombia.

Shay and Angie have always been close, but have gotten closer after Shay came out as transgender. Angie is determined to be there for her daughter all the way, but Shay is starting to grow tired of her mother's overbearing actions. Ashley and Cathy are just as close, holding each other's hands through everything from tattoos and chin lifts to boudoir photo shoots and dating. But when Ashley moves in next door, that relationship begins to threaten Ashley's sister Samatha, who lives with their mom. sMothered airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.