'Sister Wives' Star Meri Brown Has Fans Wondering If She's Naked in Floor Selfie

You can always count on Meri Brown to rile up Sister Wives fans without actually doing anything salacious to rile them up. The reality star has always been open with her social media presence, letting fans into her world and her travels. One of her recent snapshots even came from lying on the floor, thinking about traveling.

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But for some fans, their mind goes directly into the gutter. The photo shared earlier this week seems to be very revealing for a few who commented, questioning if Brown was showing a bit too much skin.

"Why do you look naked?" one fan wrote.

"Naked is the best way to be!!" another added in response.

It even brought Brown herself into the replies, adding in a cheeky comment.

"[Hmmm].... maybe I am...," the reality star wrote.

Another brought up that even if she isn't naked, one part of her wardrobe was very revealing.

"Bare arms?" the fan asked, adding in an embarrassed face emoji. This also brought out another fun response from Brown, as she noted just how "sinful" this decision could be.

"[Oh] lord forgive me!" Brown added sarcastically.

Most were very supportive of the reality star for the photo, showering her with praise for her relaxed nature, business success and her straightened hairstyle.

"You hair looks wonderful!" one fan wrote. "I like this look."

"I love your new glasses. I just love your new look!" a second fan added.

"Did you change tour hair a little bit?" another fan asked. "I like it!"

"Love your hair like that," a fourth shared. "Try to do my fringe the same but never turns out."

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Brown is always open and free on her social media platform, with many fans always assuming it is an indicator that she's breaking away from her Sister Wives family. This includes any photo she shares with a friend or strange male in her life, any trips she takes without husband Kody Brown or the other wives from the reality show, and even her daily activities.

To her credit, she does seem to enjoy playing around with the idea and toying with fans of the show. Their interest in her activities keeps the interest in the show alive, including any real stress she was having as revealed on the last season.


Either way, Brown is happy. That's all that matters for the reality star in terms of what people believe about her. She's still smiling.

Sister Wives will return soon to TLC for a new season.