'Sister Wives' Star Mariah Brown Addresses Breakup Speculation With New Photo

After much speculation from social media that they called it quits after more than two years together, Sister Wives star Mariah Brown and her fiancee Audrey Kriss are putting fans’ fears to rest with a new photo shared to her Instagram. On Wednesday, Brown shared a selfie to her Instagram Story of the two smiling together with a cheeky caption revealing that they two are still a happy couple. On the snapshot of the two smiling, she wrote “*Posts a picture so people know you are still together*.”

(Photo: Mariah Brown / @mariahbrwn)

Brown’s most recent Instagram post from six days ago gave rise to concerns that the couple had separated. She posted a series of cold weather photos with the caption, “Yesterday was communing, healing, and releasing. So much of our human experience is about hustling, doing the most, and leaving our bodies in a state of anxiety. I’ve been feeling this so deeply lately, and today was a beautiful reminder of what it looks like to be intentional about my time, space, and capacity. To slow down. to rest in the space community provides.”

“Are you and Audrey still together? You haven’t posted any pictures of her for quite awhile.” one fan asked.

“Hi Mariah, are you and Audrey still together? Haven’t seen you post many pics of her lately. Hope all is well!” another concerns fan said.

“That's awesome that you are on your own personal journey of self discovery and finding your way in this world. Good on you, hun. I'm dying to know if you & Audrey are still together!!!” a third wrote.

While Brown hadn’t posted a photo of her and Kriss together since this summer, Kriss shared an image of the two in an Oct. 11 Instagram post.


“Happy National Coming Out Day! Today, I look at things a little differently than I have been on this day in years prior,” she wrote in the caption. “I look on this day with gratitude to have had the privilege of being able to come out safely to supportive family & friends. Being able to live openly as a queer person. It is a privilege not many get to have or a chance to live for. I feel so much sadness knowing how many people will never wake up to see another day because of who they are or fear of who they are. You are LOVED!”

Brown came out publicly in a January 2017 episode of Sister Wives, and announced a month later on Facebook that she was dating Kriss. The couple got engaged in January of this year at the Women's March in Washington, D.C.