'Sister Wives' Star Christine Brown Is All Smiles in Rare Photo With Husband Kody

Kody Brown made a rare appearance on social media alongside wife Christine on Wednesday. The Sister Wives patriarch hasn't posted on Instagram himself since September 2018 according to InTouch Weekly, so it has been up to his spouses to pick up the slack.

Christine and Kody were both all smiles in the shot, showing off some LuLaRoe fashion and some praise for their current home in Flagstaff.

The photo brought out some excitement in fans who were happy to see the couple and hoped a new season of the TLC series would soon arrive according to InTouch.

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"I still need to know if houses were built or the one big house," one fan wrote questioning the plans revealed at the end of the last season and rumored online.

"We can't wait to see if Kody got his BIG house," another wrote.

Despite this, past reports have indicated that Brown's four wives were not thrilled with the idea of living under one big roof, much like they weren't thrilled with moving to Flagstaff in the first place. There were also reports that the clan faced rising debt and tax issues that were stifling their financials.

There is no indication that the reality TV family has been forced to change their plans a bit. The only solid evidence seems to be the filming in Flagstaff and around other locations in the U.S., meaning they will be back at some point. It just remains to be seen how much they can shoot around Flagstaff and if they have their property in order.

Other comments on the photo singled out Kody Brown's looks, questioning his choice in hairstyle.

"[Oh my God] so cute but tell him to please cut his hair [laugh out loud]," one fan wrote.

"Wow! Kody’s hair is receding a lot. He should just shave it and be done with it," another added.

"The beard looks good, and the hair style. Glad to see smiling faces," a third said.

The praise for the smiles comes after months of rumors and allegations that there was drama in the Brown family. Many fans are convinced that Meri Brown is on her way out of the family, pointing out her numerous disagreements with her fellow Sister Wives and her cold relationship with Kody Brown.

Meanwhile, there was a rumor that Robyn Brown is secretly pregnant, with many pointing to her social media silence.


Toss in the drama surrounding the family move, the property, the living situation, and just the ongoing strife of a unique family situation, it isn't a surprise that many fans were fearing the worse.

But a smile can speak volumes in the end.