'Sister Wives' Star Robyn Brown Tells Kody She's 'Baby Hungry'

Kody Brown and wife Robyn might not be done welcoming children into their family just yet. The Sister Wives couple, who along with fellow wives Christine, Meri and Janelle have raised 18 collective children, had a deep discussion about their seemingly opposing thoughts on another baby during Sunday's episode of the TLC show.

"I have days when I'm baby hungry and I really want another baby," Robyn admitted to her husband after sitting him down for a serious talk. "I'm 41 years old. We need to decide this and now," she added in a confessional. "Like, there's a biological clock ticking. I'm not getting younger. We can't sit here and stall out on this if this is what we're going to do."

Kody admitted he was "caught in a conundrum" at the question, telling cameras, "I'm pretty sure that I've been having kids for 26 years." And while there's a "real joy" at raising little ones, Kody said he's not sure if he has the energy or desire to start over from the baby phase. Robyn didn't necessarily agree, telling Kody, "Women talk about that feeling of like, 'Oh, I'm done.' I've never really got that."

She continued to the cameras of her ideal family, "You know when you're young and you're just thinking about having children and people will say, 'How many kids are you going to have?' I would always say, 'Just as many as I'm supposed to have. As many as I've made promises to.'" She continued, getting teary-eyed, "In my head, I made promises to a certain amount of children to be their mother. You know, in the pre-life and I want to fulfill all those promises."


"I believe that we exist in a spiritual form before we are born and come to earth. I believe that I have had interactions with some of my children, you know when they were a spirit ... before they were born," she further explained, saying she felt this "crazy fear in my head that I'll leave somebody behind." Telling Kody she had a vision of a "dark-haired boy" she feared is one of those children, Kody thought it was possible a sign for the family to adopt later on.

"Adoption was never an option because we were having our own children. But now that we're winding up here, the idea of adoption is something that would be more appealing to me," he shared with the camera. In the end, the couple didn't decide one way or another what they would do next, leaving the next step up in the air for now. Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on TLC.